Bev Armstrong
Interview by Nicholas Taylor

Bev Armstrong

Bev Armstrong was born in 1948 and she graduated from Carpinteria High School in California. She also went to Santa Barbara City College for 2 years until she met her husband, Dave Armstrong. She married Dave Armstrong and had five kids. One of her kids lives in Omaha Nebraska, but the other four live in California. She moved to Nebraska so she could be closer to family.

Bev likes to be outside and plant flowers, and she has a beautiful garden. She also likes the Steve Miller Band. She liked this band so much she went to one of their concerts. She has also seen the Rolling Stones, though she likes the Steve Miller Band just a bit more.

Bev worked at Encore for 10 years. She loved her job because it involved helping people, and she loved helping people. She was a Girl Scouts leader, and she enjoyed it so much. Bev also loved coaching youth sports. Bev has been on the farmers market board since it started 13 years ago and really likes it.

Bev is a very active person, and she really likes to run. On her 60th birthday, she ran a marathon with her daughter, and it was a blast because it was on her bucket list. She practiced for many years to prepare for this marathon. I hope when we’re 60 we can run like Bev did.

Bev Armstrong has lived in Lyons for 13 years, and she says that it feels like home. An important quote from Bev was “Planted in Nebraska with California roots.” This is the quote that Bev asked me to put in this paper, and I think it’s a beautiful quote. It describes Bev really well. She came here to Lyons, Nebraska and made it her home. She loves her new home in Nebraska because this is her home now. But no matter what, she will always have California with her.

Bev is a great person. She is very kind, loving, thoughtful, and caring. It was a fantastic experience interviewing her. I was able to see her beautiful garden that is both in her front and back yard. I’m very impressed with her garden shed in the back of her house. Dave and she built it from scratch.

Bev is very creative; she loved to go to flea markets to look for stuff. When I was there she was collecting floor grates. She was using them for stepping stones. It was very interesting. She also loves animals. She has a dog at her house that she rescued. She takes it to doggy daycare once a week.

I’m very glad that Bev let me interview her. You learn a lot about one person by just sitting down and listening to them. Bev Armstrong is an inspiring person, and I would sit down and do this again if I could. This experience was fun. I wouldn’t have known any of these interesting things if I hadn’t had this opportunity to interview Bev.

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