Interview by Benny Estrada Lujan

Bill Hedges

Interviewing someone can be really fascinating. Many people forget the loyal, caring citizens that live in Lyons. I wanted to interview someone I never knew before around my neighborhood. So I interviewed my neighbor. His name is Bill Hedges.

Bill grew up in Lyons, Nebraska on a farm up until he was 6. In 1957, farming was getting to be tough, so Bill’s dad found a job in San Diego to pass the few years of hardship in farming. Following 2 years in San Diego, his father and his family missed Nebraska so they decided to move back to Lyons, in the year 1959.

When they came back, his father got a job at the local post office and Bill went back to school. Bill went to school here at Lyons-Decatur for his education. When he was 13, he got hired at the local movie theater in town as a projectionist. He loved his job. Bill loved film and appreciated it more when he had a chance to work at the movie theater. Bill would watch countless films every week. His favorite movies were Star Trek and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He had a passion for space and exploration.

Bill graduated at Lyons in the historic year of 1969. When Bill graduated he enlisted in the U.S Navy and was sent to Antarctica in the year 1972. His position was electronic management, and he repaired transmitters and all sorts of electronics in the control rooms for 4 years. After he served the Navy, he decided to go back to his loyal town of Lyons, Nebraska. He got hired as a clerk for the post office in Fremont. For thirty years Bill worked for the post office and has created a family. After thirty loyal years, Bill retired and wanted to pursue his passion in filmmaking.

When Bill retired he wanted to treat himself and pursue his dream. He bought the very same theater he worked in when he was 13 years old. The theater wasn’t in the best of shape. With some elbow grease and tough work he miraculously transformed his theater into a reborn studio. Bill also transformed his house into a whole different universe with a private movie theater, 50’s diner with games, and a juke box. He even replicated a set from his favorite movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It took a lot of work but with the talent he has, he achieved his vision and will achieve even more dreams as time goes by.

Bill Hedges is an inspiring and talented man who I can see as my inspiration. He reminds me that I can achieve anything with hard work and dedication no matter the age. He has the most passion and dedication in doing what he does. I am very honored to have interviewed my neighbor, Bill Hedges. I’ll be visiting my neighbors more often from now on.

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