Interview by Joseph O'Connor

George Fritts

From being in other countries to other cities in the U.S., why did George visit so many places and decide to come back to Lyons? What gave George the push to come back to Lyons was the love of farming, his family, and the wonderful memories he had cherished all throughout his childhood.

George was born in Lyons in 1939 in which he was one of six kids. He was the only boy of all the children. As a young child George helped at the farm by taking care of the milking cows, hogs, chickens, and helped with the farming. He went to Lyons High School where he played football, basketball, track, and was a member of the F.F.A. and band in which he played the trumpet. Throughout high school he enjoyed all of the teachers, ag classes, and friends. After he graduated he decided to further his education by going to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. At this time he lived in the Farm House Frat and earned his degree in general ag.

During his time at UNL he met his lovely wife Mary, but soon after he had to go into the service for three months. But once he got back they went on a honeymoon to Hawaii. George and Mary moved back to Lyons and they had four children: Teresa and Jantina who are twins, Matthew, and Michael.

In George’s time in the military, he served in the army for four years in the ROTC. He was stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia, Germany, and many other places.
Throughout being in the military George says, “It really expanded my horizons,” “It was amazing seeing the country,” and that he met some of his closest friends in the military – especially his best man at his wedding, Father Bill Galager. Bill and he still stay in touch to this day. He was also the Executive Officer for 18 months of his time in the service.

Some of his favorite things to do throughout the week are working on machinery, checking cattle, and getting coffee with his friends in the morning. He also enjoys Bible study and going to the YMCA several times during the week with his wife. George has farmed since he was young and he’s also happy to farm today.

Some of George’s greatest accomplishments are raising four kids and getting to see what they become. Another is how proud he is of the Lyons community to help fundraise to finish the Veterans Plaza. This is something that he can drive by everyday and think about the memories and all of the hard work it took for him and his fellow colleagues. But his favorite memory is hiring young men to help him with baling and stacking bales, and the boys coming inside and eating Mary’s delicious lunches she made them. George says, “It’s just great seeing them all grown up now when they come to town at alumni banquets or for holidays.”

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