Geraldine Peterson
Interview by Bow Whitley

Geraldine Peterson

Geraldine Peterson was born in West Point, Nebraska, and she grew up in Pender, Nebraska. Geraldine has lived 52 years near the Lyons area. She takes pride in her flowers and her two beautiful sons. She also takes pride in knowing that she is taking care of her 96-year-old mother. Geraldine has been married for 52 years and still going. She currently lives on the same property where her husband grew up.

When asked who helped shape her life she responded without hesitation that her mother and father did. Her family sadly, though, lost a caring father and husband at the young age of 49.

I then asked her what her past consisted of. She stated the fact that she worked for the Lyons Mirror-Sun for eight years and that she worked at a lovely flower shop for six years. Geraldine used to help out the church quite a bit, from small things to some really big projects. She was once involved in a gardening club that she loved very much.

Geraldine undoubtedly loves the library where she works and wishes more and more people would come in and enjoy it. She says the library is more than just reading. She explains that the library is for meeting people and relaxing or getting on the computers. She makes sure the coffee pot is always on for anyone. She is planning on retiring soon and says she will miss the library.

The mention of gardening club sparked her love for flowers. Geraldine says she has a wonderful and nice flower bed, and she takes a lot of pride in her garden. Her favorite flower is the Dinner Plate Dahlia.

Geraldine thinks this new generation is marvelous and that we have a very bright side to ourselves.

Geraldine has many hobbies. She loves to oil paint when she has the time. She used to find joy in decorating cakes. Crafting was a delicate part of her life. She loves to design many things on the computer and helping others with what they want to design.

Geraldine will be retiring soon. Though she will miss the library and all the faces she sees, she says it will be relaxing. Over the years many things have changed she told me. Many of her values have changed for the better. She now sees life as, “one must slow down and relax.” When I asked for what advice she could give people she stated that I just ask my parents about the past and their lives. I should always respect my parents as should everyone else.

After this wonderful time with Geraldine, we wrapped up this chat with life advice such as: always be positive and always look at the bright side. Everyone should let the Lord into their life with open arms. Never follow the crowd, money isn’t everything, and last but not least, just be happy.

Geraldine is a wonderful woman with a big heart.

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