Janet Riddle
Interview by Tony Macario

Janet Riddle

After talking with this amazing individual, she helped me understand that family can be very important to someone’s life. Janet Riddle was born November 1st, 1946, and she had two sisters. She lived in Tekamah, Nebraska for 18 years.

Janet got her GED instead of graduating high school. She worked at the Green Lantern in Decatur for 10 years.

She got married to her husband Tommy Riddle 48 years ago. She had met her husband in a restaurant. Janet and Tommy moved to Oakland and had their child Tim. Her son Tim is the only child and he is currently 44 years old. After living in Oakland for a bit, they then moved to Lyons.

After she was married, Janet drove the haymill truck and was a bartender in Lyons for several years. She also worked at the HiWay Cafe in Lyons for a couple of years. She said she enjoyed being a bartender at times, but it could also be a frustrating job.

Janet and her husband have lived in Lyons for about 40 years now. She moved here because her husband was working at John Deere.

She told me that family is really important to her and the most amazing thing to happen in her lifetime was her three grandchildren: Tyler, Tamara, and Daniel. Some of her hobbies are doing puzzles with Tyler and going for walks. Some days she can’t go walking because she is diabetic and her feet won’t let her.

Janet used to travel with her husband when he worked driving semi trucks and got to see some cool parts of the United States. One place that she remembers is when they stopped in Las Vegas, Nevada. She told me that she didn’t spend much time there because when you are driving a semi-truck you have a schedule to follow. Even though her time there was short there she said it was her favorite place to have visited. She enjoyed all the glamour of the lights.

When I asked her what could be done to benefit the community, she responded with, “Well what I think needs to be done is the streets, definitely the streets need to be repaired. I would hate to have a new car and be coming down these streets every day.”

Janet was a very fun person to interview because we were both engaged in the conversations we had. We talked a little about her favorite kinds of music she likes to listen to. She enjoys listening to country western and old rock and roll music. That caught my attention because I enjoy old rock and roll music too.

Janet is really down to earth and has her priorities straight in her life. She is a very interesting individual who is here in our very community!

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