Jim and Jo Johnson
Interview by Jacob Nelson

Jim and Jo Johnson

Jim and Jo Johnson have lived here since the early ’90s. In 1953, Jim became an Army Veteran and served 18 months in England and came out in 1955. Following his military service, Jim went to Oakland to train to be a printer at Oakland Independent. He worked as a printer from 1967-1975. While Jim worked at Oakland, Jo stayed home with their two boys and four girls. Along with staying home with their children, Jo also worked at the Oakland Nursing Home. Jim worked for 13 years at the Lyons Mirror-Sun. Jim also worked at Hillside Dairy and retired from Smith’s Grocery Store.

Before moving to Lyons, they lived in Emerson. They were tired of renting houses and their daughter, Jill, knew of a house. They decided to stay here in Lyons because it was nice and quiet unlike life in the city. There was a nice church, places to eat such as the HiWay Cafe, and a nice neighborhood.

Jim graduated from Oakland and Jo graduated from Lyons. They have been married for 63 years and have had six children, 14 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren. All six of their children are still living in Nebraska today. Jim’s hobbies are fishing at Summit Lake and hunting deer and turkey. Jo’s hobbies are coloring with colored pencils in adult coloring books.

When I asked them how our generation was different from theirs, they said it was a lot different from the 1950s. Cars go faster now than they did back then. Gas prices have gone way up from what we use to pay. We now have computers to help with work and in the 1950s they did not. Food is more expensive now. Back then you could get a pound of hamburger for $0.29, and also milk, bread, and hamburger for little over $1.00. As Jo puts it, “It is much more expensive.” When I asked if they had any advice for anyone my age, they said, “Enjoy your school years, be yourself, go to school, and don’t smoke or drink because they are your best years.”

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