Judy Davis
Interview by Madison Tompkins

Judy Davis

Judy Davis was born in Seattle, Washington on September 9, 1943. Judy has moved from place to place her whole life. She started out living in Seattle and from there, she moved to Colorado. Eventually, she moved from Colorado to Iowa and then to Decatur, Nebraska. She came to Decatur, Nebraska in 1996 and lived on a little farm outside of town for a couple of years so she could take care of her parents, or as she calls them, her “folks.”

During her free time, you will most likely find Judy reading romantic novels or a western book. She also takes pleasure in gardening. Even though she does not have much yard space, she has an “incidental garden” of gourds in her small-spaced yard. The funny part is, she has no idea how they got there.

When Judy was asked what some of her favorite memories were, she responded with the time she lived on a ranch in Missouri where they had horses and cattle. Judy also mentioned her trips to Mexico in which she states, “It seemed to be a very unpredictable environment to me.” The Grand Canyon is another place Judy has conquered in all her years of travel. When I asked her about her experience going to the Grand Canyon, she said it was scary. It was scary because she is afraid of heights.

To Judy, family is most important to her. During her long life, she said the most exciting memory she had was when she became a mother of two boys and two girls, a grandmother of two girls and seven boys, and a great-grandmother of two girls. She also has one brother. He resides in Idaho and he is five years younger than her. He was in the Vietnam War. She hopes to go visit him one of these days.

Although Judy seems to lead an extraordinary life of traveling, she said, “I regret not advancing myself in life.” Even though she is 74 years old, Judy is a hard working person. She took care of a paraplegic for 11 years. Even though it was hard work, Judy said she would do it again if ever need be. Back in her younger years, she said that she had the experience of building grain bins, in which she stated she would never do again. Judy currently works at Decatur Express and has been employed there for a little over four years now.

To close our interview, I asked Judy how our generation was different from hers. She mentioned how she thought kids today were learning at a faster pace than when she was in school. She also believes kids today show less respect than kids did in her day. Judy believes it is important for kids today to stay in school and go to college.

She thinks styles from her generation are making a comeback into our generation. Examples of those styles she mentioned are flared pants, short shorts, and short skirts. This gives Judy a little blast from her past.

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