Lois Lubker
Interview by Kelsey Payton

Lois Lubker

Lois Lubker was born in West Point, Nebraska on January 27th on 1941. Lois is a big part of my life and she has been since I moved in next door to her when I was 3. She has been Grandma to me and my family ever since. Getting the chance to do this interview and ask her questions helped me get to know her more.

Kelsey Payton: What was your childhood like?
Lois Lubker: I grew up in a family with 6 children and a mom and a dad. I had a great childhood. I was the second of six children.

What happened in your life that got you to where you are today?
I guess it would have to be that I met and then married my husband. Then we moved to Lyons to run a business called the John Deere Dealership, and I have been here ever since.

Where have you all lived?
I was born and raised in West Point. I lived in several different houses in West Point. When I married my husband, we lived for a year in West Point in an apartment, then we moved to Lyons in 1963. We lived in a house that we rented until we built the house I am currently in, which I have been in for 50 years.

How has the community changed?
I don’t find it to be all that different. I’ve always liked Lyons, and made it my home. Both of my daughters were born when we lived here. Other than a few less stores, I still do as much business here as I can, and I like it.

Important life lessons?
The major lesson that I learned when my husband got cancer then passed away is compassion – compassion for other people and the trials that they have. I also have a soft spot for everyone.

What was the biggest impact in your life?
When we moved from West Point, where I was born and raised, to Lyons. I had never been in Lyons even though it was only 20 miles, and making all new friends and just a whole new lifestyle was different.

What brought you to Lyons?
We moved here because we bought the John Deere Dealership, which is located where the salvage yard is across the highway from the HiWay Cafe, and we ran it.

What did you and your husband do in the community?
We were very active and we immediately joined the Chamber of Commerce and went to all the meetings and worked alongside the other members to better the community. My husband was the president on the board of directors. He also was on the school board and was president of the school board because both of our daughters were very involved at school. Our life revolved around the town, the business, and the school.

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