Richard Svedsen
Interview by Jessie Mutum

Richard Svedsen

Jessie Mutum: What is a hobby that you like to do?
Richard Svendsen: Well you know I like to golf and that’s something that everyone in the family does and can do. I’m not a fisherman. I can’t sit there and fish, but yeah we like to golf. I would have to say that would be the crutch of it all. Every year at memorial weekend [my classmates and I] would golf here in Oakland or Pender. But then we branched out and went to Florida and North Carolina, and some of those places, so we’ve gone different places to golf. Plus its something Cynthia and I enjoy doing together, and she is a much better golfer than I.

When you were a kid what were some big historical events that happened?
Well in the nation I would have to say that a big shocker was the assassination of JFK. I can still remember the day when I was in high school, just exactly where I was at. It’s kinda like how everyone remembers where they were at when the Twin Towers went down, I can remember when JFK was assassinated. That was quite an experience for everybody, nobody had experienced that before so that would be one of the most major events that happened when I was younger.

What happened that day? Did they shut the school down?
I remember our principal walking in and we were in study hall and he came in and he was stern-faced and very very sober and made this announcement. He told us JFK was shot, and at that moment we didn’t know for sure if he had been killed or not but we had a feeling he had. It was gut wrenching so to speak because he was a popular figure.

What is a big lesson you learned that has majorly changed your outlook on life / see the bigger picture?
Well you know we lost my dad early and my mom was a fantastic lady, and she taught us to be kind and respectful of others. I don’t think that it’s about keeping count with dollars but knowing you’ve done some of the best things you can do for people or for family. Family is where it’s all at. Every day is a lesson in something; you should pick up on something every day. Sit back and listen to what people are saying.

What are some things in the community you think should be improved?
I know that economically for something to come in for the community, that’s a tough nut to crack. I wish I knew the answer that would draw people back. Now economically in the farming community its somewhat depressed. So get more farming back in our community.

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