Tommy Riddle
Interview by Christian Macario

Tommy Riddle

Christian Macario: What are some of the places you have lived in your lifetime?
Tommy Riddle: I was born in Henderson, Texas and I was raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and as an over the road truck driver I have covered all the states.

When did you decide to come live here in Lyons?
When I married my wife. It was 48 years ago. We rented all around and finally bought this house here.

Have you done anything you’re proud of involving the community of Lyons?
Well I helped raise three grandchildren I’m proud of that I guess. It ain’t easy. Otherwise, we live a low-profile life. I have read over 700 books at the library!

What are some of your favorite parts of Lyons?
Of Lyons? Oh, I’d have to say the park. That’s like my favorite part of the town. I also like the brick streets. My wife will argue that point.

So what do you like so much about the park?
Just the layout of it and the fact that it has a lagoon that you can fish in and it’s got a big ol’ tank sitting in the middle of it even though you can’t get inside it.

Have you ever been in the service?
Yeah, I did two and a half years in the Navy.

How was that like?
Oh, it was wonderful. Paid vacation. All over the Pacific Ocean, The Islands, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, one trip up to Alaska, Christmas Island for the A-Bomb test, and of course you always had Hawaii.

So what was your role in the Navy?
I was in the engineering department. I was down around the engines. I was trained as a plumber before I went in, but they didn’t need a plumber, they needed an engine man, so I got made one.

What were the most memorable events that have happened while you were here in Lyons?
When they put up the new water tower, the new library. We got an expansion of the fire department – that was great!

Was there anyone you looked up to in the world during the time you lived here?
Well, I get along with everyone in this town and I look up to everybody. I have a great working relationship with most people in the town, or the county for that matter. We all have respect for one another, that’s for sure. Very open-minded and very kind hearted people.

 What advice would you pass down to our generation?
Never argue with your mother, or your grandmother, or your wife. Also, never waste your money.

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